To raise communities of young people that are strong brands in all reputable career fields and become the leading institution that builds educational supporting tools (games, videos and books) Nigeria and Africa at large.


LearnX World is an institution that makes learning fun and engaging for young people between the ages of 5- 18 years while they have access to multilingual contents alongside acquiring 21st century skill sets.


INNOVATION: Creativity is essentially prioritized and as such our tools built and services rendered will be quite innovative.
FUN: We believe that learning with fun is a great way to raise emphatic communities of young people and as such, our primary focus is to make learning fun and resourceful.
TIMELY: Periodic deliverables with effectiveness and efficiency.
TECHNOLOGY: Enabler in meeting needs or solving problem such that young people are been expose to cutting- edge technology to compete globally and become the best in what they do.
COMMUNITY BASED: We focus on grooming communities of young people who are strong brands in what they do.

Step into the World of Education for kids!

LearnX World is a technological educational consulting firm that focuses on making learning engaging, fun, resourceful and productive for young people between the ages of 5- 18 years, such that they acquire 21st century employable skills. We do that through LearnX educational supporting tools (games, videos and books), trainings, boot camps, mentor ship, internships, educational tours & fairs, delivery of learning equipment (tablets, science demo, laboratory equipment), content design & research

We are highly rated among the rest, we stand out in the crowd with our quality services




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